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To me it feels like this tank is cleverly designed. There are many great features such as the independent track movement, and the assor...


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Diaries of Luan’ Dau

“Vre’ Dau. Report to the loading bay in 15 minutes. Full gear.” The words blazed over the intercom, rousing me from my slumber. “Yes o’ shas’ o” I groaned as I slid off the bed. Landing in a sprall of limbs on the cold floor.

Hastly I donned my female skintight pilots jumpsuit, then my armour. I only wore the armour to disguise the fact of my gender, O’ Shal believes that women shouldn’t fight. Naturally he hates commander shadowsun.Oh why couldn't I serve under one of her subordinates! I hear tales of one of her subordinates. O'Savon, the legendary commander hawkeye.A pilot who is in an even worse predicament than I when it comes to figure, and can snipe a bug off a battlesuit. I winced as the armour did it’s best to seal over my torso. I sighed. It seems that my body disagrees with my mind. It gets harder and harder to disguise my figure every day. My body is about as feminine as you get, with long tapered fingers, a small waist,and a thin petite and yet smooth curvy figure. Despite this, my breasts are still growing. My view was shut out as the cruel armour clamped painfully onto my figure, shutting out my view. Yet my feminine curves were still plainly evident. So thank the undying spirit for the night shifts and the lonesharkyness of being a Riptide pilot. Eventually, after making sure no one saw me I climbed into my battlesuit The Shadowstorm and started her up. “Luan! you startled me!” said a friend of mine, a mere fire warrior by the name of Salo’ mael. He alone knows my secret. “Hello." I replied looming over him in my giant monstrosity of a battlesuit. “Hey I’m kinda running late, so…” “Sure, hop on.” I replied. Grinning, I extended a hand, scooping him up and depositing him on my shoulder. Normally a Riptide pilot could not do this due to the sizes of each, but my battlesuit  is a customised version which meant: no more faulty overcharge attempts, a lot more armour and a better nova shield, far stronger motors, an easier interface, far more powerful weapons, and being nearly twice the size of a regular. Hold on.” I said as I broke into a run.

The last people were boarding as we casually filed in with the others and strolled inside. I found a nice spot and docked The Shadowstorm. I lay back and fired up a game I quite like on the in built computer. “Vre’ Dau.” I was startled out of my game by none other then… “Yes o’ shas’ o?” I said as I stood up and saluted sharply. “Why is there a fire warrior saluting me on your shoulder?” “He needed a lift. He would never have made the distance quickly enough. So I gave him a lift.” “…Very well.” He replied grudgingly, turning his back and storming off to yell at two crisis suit pilots who were wrestling with a squad of new fire warriors. I looked over and saw that Salo’ Mael was practicing his parkor on the giant burst cannon I was currently equipped with. When he was in a strong position I started the burst cannon spinning. He lost his lunch in 30 seconds Suddenly…”Are you trialing a new weapon Vre’ Dau! Cut…it…out!” I stopped and,placing my hand under the barrel, gave the massive gun a shake. He flopped onto my outstretched hand like a wet Nagi.

As compensation for that prank I gave him my lunch rations. To pass the time I listened to music which I ended up broadcasting from the speakers on my suit. Whilst doing this I practiced with and cleaned my Nova pistol, a device that fires small bundles of nanites. All of a sudden the monitors indicated repeated impacts on the torso. I plugged back in. “Hey Vre Dau. Arm wrestle?” It was Vre Jland, a person who hates it when he loses and a complete sook. It is believed that he only got to that rank because he’s a friend of some ethereal dude. “You’re on.” Despite the fact that the models are supposed to be equal in strength, I still powned his arse into the warp. The transport ship docked a few minutes later at the fortress Shreleak’ La. As we disembarked we found ourselves under attack. Fortunately the sealed systems of the battle suits allowed us to enter the fray ourselves. The others were put off by the heavy fat rounds of the orc fleet. Not me. The superior technology of my battlesuit allowing me to fly circles around the clumsy orc battleships. My nova charged burst cannon shredding the ships like a blade through water and my smart missiles blowing up gun stations and engines. I simply just tore apart several smaller ships. The only damage I received was from a defensive battery shot. Fortunately I caught all the damage on my nova shield. The resulting fan of energy actually caused several sneaky torpedoes to shut down due to the field of radiation, their lights dimming and their speed bleeding off. Hearing the AI ’s alerts I spun around and primed my burst cannon. The largest ship had primed a massive gun and the barrel started to glow. Working quickly I stuffed the barrel with debris and the dead torpedoes, several of which I re-started to compress the scrap into the barrel of the crude but mighty cannon. “Fire in the hole!” I yelled as the massive cartridge slammed into my blockade and detonated like a supernova. My engines screaming, I shot away from the enveloping sphere of extremely-unpleasant-looking-death. Towards the sanctum of the fortress.

“Vre’ Dau! That was the most reckless, careless,foolish thing I have ever seen!” O’ Shal   screamed at me once the attack was over and I had come back in. I was dreading this moment ever since I closed in to the gunships. “However…” This statement caught me by surprise. “That was the best, most skilled, most deadly attack by a single person I have ever seen. Dismissed.” Shocked about the response I left and walked off to the star cruiser transport bay where everyone else was now waiting. In a moment of elation I engaged the jump pack and flew into the bay. I was greeted by a massive applause. I guess a lot more people then just the commander liked my performance. Naturally though Vre’ Jland was jealous and stressed the fact that he was out there as well, but a fire warriors scathing comment…”Yeah, you were the other RIPTIDE pilot who abandoned your friends like a cowardly Gue’ la.” put an end to that as Vre’ Jland stormed off, sobbing sounds emanating from his speakers.

Due to the fact that their was a large amount of orcs in the area that we were crossing it was decided that we few in the advanced battlesuits, such as my personally customised Riptide would orbit the ships as they flew. Tethered by grav-cords we flew alongside the massive leviathan of the star cruiser. Here was where the true majesty of space is revealed. I saw a tiny figure in the window beside me. I turned my sensors onto him. It was Salo’ Mael! In space combat armour! Seeing his broad grin I rolled my head and beckoned him to come. The dull thud as he landed on my shoulder was barely audible as he lay down on my shoulder. “Nice out here isn’t it.” He said over the radio. “Yeah. So peaceful and tran…Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka” I realised  few seconds later. We were under attack! I twisted in midair and mowed several orc fighters down. I finally remembered Salo’ Mael but I was too late as an orc that was more machine, utilised his attempt at a jet pack to snatch Salo from my grasp. I watched, stunned as the two grappled. Brawn vs brain. Finally, as the orc got his hands around his neck, Salo Mael brought his gun up and blew the orcs face off in three shots. Then I watched as he used the lifeless orcs rocket pack to fly around, dispatching other orcs. I returned my attention two the ships. I screamed towards them. The bullets being deflected by the electro-magnetic current in my suit. I dispatched five lesser ships in my charge via my burst cannon. Three with my smart missiles, each customised to be as deadly as a seeker missile. But when I got to the massive hulk in space my AI alerted me that we had insufficient firepower to penetrate the ships hull. The others knew this also as a harsh voice said over the com “Disengage Vre’ Dau! Get..back…here…NOW!” But I could see that the massive cannons would have me in an instant if I turned my back. And so, I quickly thought up a plan as the commander screamed at me and the orcs grew impatient. Suddenly the cannons spat a barrage of shells at me. But I was ready and I flew through the barrage of gunfire like it was a maze. As I approached a thought struck me. I fired up my nova shield, targeted exterior points for my missiles and (to much surprise to the poor orc captain) flew right into the ship with the force of a rail rifle. I burst through, causing a massive hoard of surprised grots to get sucked out the breach in the hull and freeze in the vacuum of space. As I tore through the ship I gradually fired all my missiles. Each made a perfect borehole to empty space That sucked out even more. Space killed the orcs not the missiles. This had the bonus of leaving the ship 98% intact. And all who clung on to something hard enough were merely taken by the vacuum. And so the earth caste greedily stole away with the ship, to research and learn the technology of the orcs. Unfortunatly, as I was about to enter our ship to take a well earned break, a massive orc war machine stood in my way. I sighed and deployed my energy sword, a massive construct that has an edge thiner then a single strand of T,N,A re-enforced with energy that flowed down the blade in glowing, parallel lines and made the blade leave an arc of pure shadow and death where It swung. Beautiful yet deadly. Another customisation. Fortunately, before I had to fight the monstrosity a rocket smashed into it’’s head, pulverising the command module. “That was a but of an anticlimax, wasn’t it.” I turned around as fast as I could. There, drifting by a dead orc with suspicious cut straps was Salo’ Mael, who was attempting to paddle over to me with a quite silly stroke that accomplished little but make him look silly. “Honestly you would think you were about to fight that thing.But no such luck.” “I guess you would like a hand.” “…Yes” He said in a defeated manner as I fired my jets and shot off to him. “That orc still has it’s face?” “It’s a different one. A torpedo shot at me. It was big and slow enough that I clung on and rode to another orc,

Then blew up a gunship with the torpedo.”

“Vre’ Dau! Why did you not disengage!” o’ Shal screamed at me as I got back inside “That was the most careless, most recless thing I have ever seen, and from you that’s something.” And as usual everyone celebrated as soon as I got back, despite this time landing on a crisis suit pilot. Went straight into him! He expressed that he was fine, I just hope that his collapsing on a squad of fire warriors was an act. You can never know.


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